FAQ – Teacher Created Apps

Is this a service or a course or both?
Afterwards this course does turn into a “service” where a public review will be promoted of each app that you create (I hope to help you create more than just one). And some other things we’ll do to help promote it (marketing an app is actually the harder part then building one and its also ongoing) .

But it will also remain a community or place to share your experience and continue to receive advice.

How long does it usually take someone to create a basic app?
The time it takes to make a basic app is probably 3 to 5 months. The first month and a half is devoted to design and hiring a developer after that it all depends on how complicated the app is and how good the developer you find is.

After you hire someone to build your app the hard part begins of marketing your app, this is where you will actually have to do a lot more personal work while the actual app building is being done by someone else. The process does get faster for the next app especially if you like and use the same developer.

I don’t see a timeline on the course – is it entirely self-paced or do you have some online instruction time?

There is two units to this course and you will receive both units when you signup

Unit 1 – Choose an app idea and creating a design
Unit 2 – Hiring a developer and designer

Right now everything is self paced but this is an”evolving” course, and I’m willing to do new things that might be more effective. Though I’ve built 7 apps in the last year I’m still building more and still learning myself. I hope to continue to share my experience and all the new things I try out with the members.

Could you give me more information on how the content will be delivered? If video– will it be closed captioned or subtitled? I’m deaf and cannot access information if its provided only through audio.
The course will actually be delivered in written format (sort of like a lesson plan). There will be some video but it will only reiterate the written part. I actually don’t see a problem with you taking the course.

I have the most free time in the summer. Will all the lessons be available throughout the year? Can I download the lessons?
The course will be open all year round. There will be some downloadable worksheets but most of the content will remain in the members section of the website.

If you have any more questions please contact me and I’ll try and answer them (and probably add your question to this list too).