• App Building Course for Teachers

    I'll show you how to create Educational Apps

    WITHOUT programming!!!

  • Find out how I created 7 Educational Apps within one year while working full time and being a father of 5 young kids.

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Be Part Of The New Teacher-Created Apps Movement!

Creating Your Own Educational Apps

I am a teacher. I believe that teachers who interact with students everyday have wonderfully creative ways to connect with, entertain, and promote learning for their classes. I also strongly believe in the power of mobile devices to make a real difference, especially with 1-to-1 and BYOD initiatives sweeping across the world. I believe there is an important void that can be filled with educational apps that comes from teachers.

Educators, after all, know much more about how to teach students than the average app developer because we have education of our own and often years of experience. Plus, I believe teachers like you are an infinite source of the ideas and games that can be translated into fun and educational apps.

Teachers think differently from programmers and understand how children learn better than anyone else.

Justin Holladay
I'm a teacher by nature (and by profession), and I want to share with you what I've learned in the last year about creating educational apps. My successes and failures have lead to some great outcomes, and my experiences can help you take a similar journey.

Many programming "geeks" turn to educators as consultants when designing apps for children, but it’s time to cut out the middleman.

With my Teacher-Created Apps course, you can learn how to make apps without actually doing any coding yourself. Simply come up with the educational idea (I'll show you how I did it), then this course will show you how to outsource the coding. We’ll also show you how to build an audience, how to get your app noticed and much more.

The course is constantly changing and improving as I learn more and develop more apps too, plus members like you will add your voices to the course as well. Additional premium content is always being added too. That means the site is perfect to provide details and tips to those who are experienced teacher app creators as well.

You see, this is more than just a course that teaches you how to make educational apps. As the class is taught over and over, a community of like-minded teachers who want to help each other succeed will develop. You’ll get feedback from teachers and others about your app, and there will be a public site with app reviews to help drive more traffic to the apps that come from this creative process.

The App Course Itself

The course is a complete, ever-expanding, always-evolving, step-by-step instructional program that explains how to start building your educational apps portfolio. Created by teachers for teachers, Teacher-Created Apps is great for beginners and contains enough detailed information for experts too.

Most importantly, it shows you how to make apps students will love without doing any of the coding yourself by outsourcing to reputable, competent professionals who want to help you.

You’ll learn:

  • how to make an app happen from idea to production to release and beyond
  • how to create, design and place apps into app stores
  • how to avoid and overcome common pitfalls of app development
  • and much more.

You should take this course if you’re a teacher who wants to create and release apps to:

  • benefit your students
  • benefit other students around the world
  • make money while doing something for others.

Take Action Now

Are you ready to become a part of this exciting new course -- this new movement toward cutting out the middleman and learning to create your own apps for students?

Take action to join us now. You deserve to be in on the action. You deserve to be part of the creative process that results in better, more educational apps for students of all ages.

The main course will cover two areas that I believe makes a successful app.

  • How to design an educational app (I believe that teachers are really creative people and have at least 5 apps in them)

  • How to develop an app (without knowing OR ever writing a single line of code)

More Features of the Course:

    • Community of teachers helping each other succeed -

    • Public App Review bring awareness to our “Teacher Created Apps”

Being an online course it does NOT matter when you start. It will be individually paced, and you will never miss out on anything regardless when you start.

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Buy this on Selz Sell digital downloads on Selz
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